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Book your plane today and set off on a flight to the destination of your dreams.

Come Fly with Us!

The Premier Charter Jets Experience

The chartered private jet experience from Premier Charter Jets is truly unparalleled; Enjoy unmatched luxury, comfort, convenience, and privacy as you soar through the skies in the luxurious plane of your choice. With an experienced crew on board and an array of amenities, this is a level of travel that cannot be matched by any commercial flight. Take your travel to the next level with the Premier Charter Jets experience that will leave you feeling like royalty.

Sunset over the Mountains

A Unique Adventure

Flying over the world in a luxurious private plane and exploring the most beautiful places on Earth is the most unique was to start and end your adventure. Flying over stunning landscapes, and discovering hidden gems along the way. Allowing you to travel in style and comfort, a private plane will make your journey unforgettable!


My family and I had such a great experience, from the very moment we arrived at the private airport, to the experience and service on the plane, and everything else. We will be using Premier Charter Jets for every flight in our future. 

Getting Off a Plane

We will help you get there!

Whether you are flying for leisure or business, we can make sure you and your passengers have the most comfortable and enjoyable journey possible.

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Our Location

4000 Route 66, Suite 348

Tinton Falls NJ 07753

Tel: (732) 624-6224

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